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We take pride in ensuring timely deliveries to our customers


  Pharmaceutical and Medical Products 
At Southern View Trading, we ensure that our suppliers have the same integrity as our core values. We only purchase from FDA approved manufacturers, ensuring that our products do not contain counterfeit or adulterated products. Every product we obtain is guaranteed to be of only the highest quality.

Our medical supplies ensure that healthcare practitioners maintain the balance between efficiency and profitability. Southern View Trading assists medical personnel keep their practice well equipped with state of the art products ranging from surgical supplies to the medical lab.

Food Industry

Customers and consumers want to be sure products are sourced from approved growers and farmers. Retailers want longer shelf life, and this often leaves only hours to move your product from production to retail.

With the overly complex business of fresh food, meeting the rapidly changing supply and demand conditions means finding new ways to reach tight margins and operate with flexibility.

Whether you are producing, processing or retailing fruit, vegetables, meat or poultry, meeting peak performance in the industry requires faster reaction times, and a continual focus on operational efficiency; where cost control, yield management and tracking are all critical to your success.

We support growers, processers and retailers in creating greater operational efficiencies, moving fresh product from farm to store, or meat processors to move bulk meat.

 medicina Medicine Equipment 

Medical equipment supplier that provides a combination of durable new and professionally refurbished equipment to medical professionals around the globe. DRE offers a value to doctors by providing the features and reliability they need while still fitting within their budget.

Our focus is to be a single supplier for all of your major operating room equipment and surgical equipment. Our clients find that with one point of contact, the purchasing process is a much more efficient and pleasant process.

 industria Industrial and Industry Equipment 

Manufacturing Solutions serve a whole range of manufacturing sub-industries globally, to achieve logistical goals in raw materials, work-in-progress or manufactured products that need to be moved, stored or protected in-transit.

We understand building profitable manufacturing businesses in most markets globally is a growing challenge with rising competition levels, industry consolidation, globalisation, sustainability issues, and a constant downward pressure on prices. Operating at peak performance facing these challenges requires increased agility and focus on operational efficiency.