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    Crust freezing

    Superfow Easyclean Freezers

    Vertical air fow tunnel freezer for fragile or small products such as shrimps, fish fillets, hamburgers, and products placed on trays.

    Main Benefits

    • Lower freezing times
    • Less product weight loss
    • Lower running costs
    • Fully factory assembled
    • Specialised Easyclean system
    • Mobile, compact unit
    • Reduced downtime


    Superflow Energia Mk8 Freezer

    High-speed vertical airflow tunnel freezer for rapid, homogenous freezing of a wide variety of flat and fragile products.

    Main Benefits

    • Lowest energy consumption on the market
    • Very small foot print
    • Complies with the strictest hygienic demandsfrom all well-known regulators
    • Ready connection to CIP system
    • Very long running hours in between defrosting requirements



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